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Marathon In Glass

Tiffany-style lamps are the marathon of stained glass projects, while not exceeding difficult, they take an abundance of time and patience! Stained glass artists at Gallery’s Choice can guide you through the process and make your dreams of creating an heirloom lamp come true!

Episode #3: Color and Cantaloupe

In this week’s episode of the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice artist Rose Jarecki, explains the basics and power of color theory. She explains what color is and how we perceive it; what color does for us emotionally; and how to use color in our surroundings, as well as our art work. If you struggle to understand the role of color in your paintings, or in your life, this episode is for you!

Episode #2: Beeswax and Bok Choy

This week’s Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice introduces the concept of painting with wax, an ancient yet contemporary dichotomy of techniques which can expand an artists toolkit or give beginners a way to play! Host, artist Rose Jarecki, brings you up to speed with the bees and goes on to dish up one of the world’s healthiest veggies through her veggie of the week recipe for Bok Choy!

Episode #1: Art and Artichokes

First of it’s kind, the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice bringing you a light and humorous look at the world of art through the eyes of an artist, along with insight on how to live well by exploring culinary arts. For cooks, creatives and anyone who needs a good laugh! The Art for Life Podcast is a weekly program designed to inspire, educate and support the creative endeavors of others. In this episode we share our story of how one passion for art turned into another for farming!