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It’s hard to be creative. Most of us want to be. We know that by engaging in something artistic, our lives are enhanced. Maybe we’d like to relax more. Or decorate our homes. Perhaps just try something new. But where to start?

Each week, join artist, Rose Jarecki, and the rest of the Gallery’s Choice family as they demystify the world of art and straighten up the creative clutter!

The Art for Life Podcast from Gallery’s Choice is a weekly program designed to inspire, educate and support the creative endeavors of others. Artist, Rose Jarecki, hosts and shares a behind-the-scenes look at her life as an artist, sharing tips and stories from her 16 years in business.

The show explores art techniques in a variety of media and provides insight into living well as it serves to inspire and motivate the artist within all of us. The Art for Life podcast series features interviews with students and contemporary artists and students, product reviews and tutorials for mastering techniques, as well as resources for those interested in art as a vocation or pass time.

So whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, or just a regular Jane or Joe with some time to kill, this podcast is for you!

The Art for Life podcast series will provide listeners:

  • Inspiration and motivation through activity and event-based challenges.
  • Real world examples from interviews with contemporary artists who will share their tips, tricks and sage advice.
  • Product reviews and application techniques so you can try your hand at a new form of art with confidence.
  • Fresh look at art media – exploring new approaches to favorite mediums as well as finding new ways to decorate with art in your home.
  • Discuss new applications of art in contemporary living:
    • Art as a means of communicating with purpose
    • Art as general therapy
    • Art in pursuit of a soulful balance in ones personal life
  • Encouragement and resources for today’s artisans, makers and crafters, including how-to’s for creating, marketing and selling.

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Episode #1: Art and Artichokes