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Original art by Rose Jarecki Sunset Boat in Acrylic

Sunset Boat original art by Rose Jarecki in Acrylic

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Episode #14:
Light and Leeks


It’s hard to be creative. Most of us want to be. We know that by engaging in something artistic, our lives are enhanced. Maybe we’d like to relax more. Or decorate our homes. Perhaps just try something new. But where to start?

Each episode, join artist, Rose Jarecki, and the rest of the Gallery’s Choice family as they demystify the world of art and straighten up the creative clutter!

The Art for Life Podcast from Gallery’s Choice is a weekly program designed to inspire, educate and support the creative endeavors of others. Artist, Rose Jarecki, hosts and shares a behind-the-scenes look at her life as an artist, sharing tips and stories from her 17 years in business.

The show explores art techniques in a variety of media and provides insight into living well as it serves to inspire and motivate the artist within all of us. The Art for Life podcast series features interviews with students and contemporary artists and students, product reviews and tutorials for mastering techniques, as well as resources for those interested in art as a vocation or pass time.

So whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, or just a regular Jane or Joe with some time to kill, this podcast is for you!

The Art for Life podcast series will provide listeners:

  • Inspiration and motivation through activity and event-based challenges.
  • Real world examples from interviews with contemporary artists who will share their tips, tricks and sage advice.
  • Product reviews and application techniques so you can try your hand at a new form of art with confidence.
  • Fresh look at art media – exploring new approaches to favorite mediums as well as finding new ways to decorate with art in your home.
  • Discuss new applications of art in contemporary living:
    • Art as a means of communicating with purpose
    • Art as general therapy
    • Art in pursuit of a soulful balance in ones personal life
    • Art enabling living your best life
  • Encouragement and resources for today’s artisans, makers and crafters, including how-to’s for creating, marketing and selling.

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Episode #1: Art and Artichokes

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Original art by Rose Jarecki Sunset Boat in Acrylic

Episode #14: Light and Leeks

Episode #14: Light and Leeks of the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice will expand your understanding of light and how it is used by artists to create not only imagery, but mood and emotion. By grasping how masters have applied light techniques, you can improve your work – should you be an artist or artist wanna-be. Or elevate your enjoyment and appreciation for how those special pieces of art you love in your life came to be!

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holiday lights

Special Tribute 2021

This Episode #13 of the Art for Life Podcast is a special dedication acknowledging the challenges of today and sharing a story of our family’s Holiday tradition in the context of joy through remembrance. Traditions transcend time, establish connections and build community. We hope you’ll share in this tradition with us this year from where ever you are by listening, and look forward to being with you in the years to come.

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Gallery's Choice Kaleidoscope

Episode #12: Kaleidoscopes and Kohlrabi

Take a look behind the complex construction of an old time novelty, the kaleidoscope, and unleash the power of color and light! This week’s Art for Life Podcast from Gallery’s Choice takes you on a light hearted journey through math and models to making a complete and utterly fantastic mess with glass that will keep you intrigued and occupied for hours!

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Episode #11: Jackalopes and Jello

If you are an artist who has suffered a dismounting blow from the recent disruption of the pandemic, if you are an art enthusiast who wishes galleries, art shows and in person art classes and performing arts events would resume, or even if you are just a curious soul wondering how we are all going to get by – tune in and get ready to expand your mind: Join us for Episode #11 of the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice. We’ll share our story, provide encouragement, and teach a bit about how juxtaposition works in life, as well as in art.

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Episode #9: Highlights and Habaneros

Discover the dichotomy of art and life, as your hosts, Rose and Bill Jarecki explore Highlights of artistic works across a variety of media and the Highlights of the past year as artists/owners of Gallery’s Choice. The Art for Life Podcast demonstrates how variety adds spice to Life in a most positive way!

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Episode #8: Thoughts for Life

A raw and inspirational look at life through the eyes of an artist in the face of the Covid-19 crisis. This Art for Life Episode puts into perspective the personal challenges and opportunities; sharing their story and resources in an attempt to serve as inspiration for others during this time of unprecedented fear, uncertainty and doubt.

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Episode #7: Grisaille and Garbanzos

Explore oil painting of the Masters! Your host, artist Rose Jarecki explains Grisaille, and what this technique means to you, as she explains the steps behind professional oil paintings in this weeks’ Art for Life Podcast.

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Art and Home Decor Fused Bowl

Episode #6: Fusing and Fennel

Take the next step by exploring the warm and wonderful world of glass fusing, as seen through the eyes of our very own kiln master! This episode of the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice explores the world of glass fusing with artists Bill and Rose Jarecki and outlines what types of projects you can make and how to get started in kiln-formed glass.

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Episode #5: Enamel and Escarole

Episode #5: Enamel and Escarole

Explore the world of vitreous enamels with artist Rose Jarecki in this episode of the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice. Discover one of today’s unanswered physics questions and experience the amazing properties of glass as a medium as you walk through time exploring the history of one of the most amazing materials on earth!

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Episode #4: Door County Special Edition

This week’s Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice shares our favorite place for vacation and artistic inspiration. Use this audio resource to help you plan your escape to Door County this summer – and tell ’em we sent you!

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Episode #3: Color and Cantaloupe

In this week’s episode of the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice artist Rose Jarecki, explains the basics and power of color theory. She explains what color is and how we perceive it; what color does for us emotionally; and how to use color in our surroundings, as well as our art work. If you struggle to understand the role of color in your paintings, or in your life, this episode is for you!

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Episode #2: Beeswax and Bok Choy

This week’s Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice introduces the concept of painting with wax, an ancient yet contemporary dichotomy of techniques which can expand an artists toolkit or give beginners a way to play! Host, artist Rose Jarecki, brings you up to speed with the bees and goes on to dish up one of the world’s healthiest veggies through her veggie of the week recipe for Bok Choy!

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Episode #1: Art and Artichokes

First of it’s kind, the Art for Life podcast by Gallery’s Choice bringing you a light and humorous look at the world of art through the eyes of an artist, along with insight on how to live well by exploring culinary arts. For cooks, creatives and anyone who needs a good laugh! The Art for Life Podcast is a weekly program designed to inspire, educate and support the creative endeavors of others. In this episode we share our story of how one passion for art turned into another for farming!

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