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Elegant Home Accents

Antique cut crystal plates steal center stage for these eye catching custom designed kitchen cabinet door inserts. This series of doors features two sizes of matching ornate plates. Fabrication took extra care, as required by any three dimensional add-in to a stained glass project. This coupled with exacting geometry gave this project its challenges! These breathtaking results are sure to be a family treasure! Design Idea: This elegant design could also be executed using a collection of mismatched glass plates in various sizes or colors for a more casual boho or eclectic feel! A great way to use those incomplete sets of heirloom plates you can’t quite bear to part with because they are just too pretty! Bring your custom design idea to us a Gallery’s Choice and see how easy it can be to create a cherished addition to your home’s decor!

This morning…

I couldn’t wait to get up and start blogging! I know that sounds strange. But this is a very important step for Gallery’s Choice. Having a place to share a stream of consciousness about the life and times of this business, my art work, and approach to teaching is an exciting new frontier for our business. Everything we do in this business is hands-on and labor intensive. And, as most small businesses, capital is scarce. Advertising has always been expensive, and today, well, the traditional means of advertising just don’t work. Today advertising is organic – back to the tried and true, where content is king, and our value add will be in the information we share. Today advertising is organic – back to the tried and true, where content is king, and our value add will be in the information we share. – Rose Jarecki, Owner/Artist Gallery’s Choice But, as younger people have grown up with new methods of gaining information, I realize the only way to continue is to embrace these new and …

Afraid to Ask?

Stained Glass by the Numbers Piece by piece, these stained glass side lights come together. I almost never stop to count the number of pieces in my designs. Sometimes I think it would scare me to know! Some studio’s charge by the piece. This is a good indicator of the work’s complexity, given each individual piece will be touched six or more times in the fabrication process. Truly a labor of love in it’s creation. There’s something special about that kind of work – in the doing of it, and in the viewing of it. Both creator and end customer will get joy from the stained glass work. And this joy can last a lifetime. For me, that’s what makes these works meaningful and worthwhile.

Custom Stained Glass

There is more to beautiful stained glass windows than meets the eye. At Gallery’s Choice, we take pride in creating the personal and unique pieces for customers. It takes time, but the results are worth it and will last a lifetime!