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Episode #11: Jackalopes and Jello

Let’s Catch Up
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Art for Life Podcast!

Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice
Episode #11: Jackalopes and Jello

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Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode #11 of the Art for Life Podcast!

This episode will cover everything that’s happened here at the gallery and in our life for the past six months during the “season of Covid” and bring you up to date with where we are today.

Then, just in time for Halloween, we look at Jackalopes and explore the artistic concept of juxtaposition and how it is used to create drama in art.

Finally – we share an easy to make recipe with a nostalgic past:
Lavender No Bake Jello Cheese Cake!

If you are an artist who has suffered a dismounting blow from the recent disruption of the pandemic, if you are an art enthusiast who wishes galleries, art shows and in person art classes and performing arts events would resume, or even if you are just a curious soul wondering how we are all going to get by – stay with us, tune in, get ready to expand your mind!

Check out our show notes below for helpful links to the recipes mentioned in the show.

Take a peak into the life and times of contemporary artists and gallery owners as we pivot our business – staying engaged anyway possible to navigate troubling times during Covid.

Be inspired by confident words of survival and optimism for the future for artists.

Explore the importance of juxtaposition in your art – no matter what your media. Your host, artist Rose Jarecki, explores the powerful use of juxtaposition in art and how it’s use can transmit powerful messaging.

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Episode #11: Jackalopes and Jello

Available on Amazon! No joke! A Jackalope!

The jackalope, infamous in North American folklore, is referred to as a ‘Frankenstein’ rabbit, can be described as something one might conjure during a nightmare.

This is the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice, and I am your host, Rose Jarecki. Gallery’s Choice’s Art for Life Podcast series. Meant to explore the creative side of life by sharing tips techniques, inspirations and recipes with the goal of living well.  Whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, a regular Jane or Joe Doe, with some time to kill, I promise there is something in here for all of you. We will talk about our business and how to be a great career creative. We will get you started if you never, or you never knew you could. And we will share anything we discover on the topics of being healthy, happy and wise…

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Culinary Arts:

If you joined us for our first episode you already know that Bill and I are committed to the goal of increasing our “food literacy” by researching and sharing our new found understanding of eating fresh foods. So each week this season, we will be sharing what we discover about one fruit or vegetable that we never tried before and share our discoveries with you. Hope you enjoy this culinary artist side of us and get inspired to eat healthy and enjoy fresh flavors!


Recipe of the Week: Nostalgic Lavender No Bake Jell-O Cheesecake

jello cheesecake on plate

Nostalgic Lavender No Bake Jello Cheesecake

Make simple things special!

An easy elegant way to update the everyday!


GC Lavender Culinary

GC Lavender Culinary


This episode was sponsored by Gallery’s Choice. Gallery’s Choice is a family-friendly art and gift gallery with a hands on art focus. Featuring the stained glass art of Rose and Bill Jarecki, the art gallery is home to more than 75 local area artists in a variety of media. In it’s 16th year of operation in the Downers Grove, IL area, the gallery teaches classes for young and old at all skill levels in glass art, including stained glass, fused glass, mosaics; fine art, drawing, painting (watercolor, oils and acrylics), and jewelry including metalsmithing, silver clay, and enameling. For a full line up of current classes, check out (Please note due to Covid crisis our in-person learning has been put on hold. Please stay safe and be well as we take a Pause for the Cause.) Please stay tuned to our web site for important updates regarding when and how our community learning will resume.

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