Author: galleryschoice

Episode #11: Jackalopes and Jello

If you are an artist who has suffered a dismounting blow from the recent disruption of the pandemic, if you are an art enthusiast who wishes galleries, art shows and in person art classes and performing arts events would resume, or even if you are just a curious soul wondering how we are all going to get by – tune in and get ready to expand your mind: Join us for Episode #11 of the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice. We’ll share our story, provide encouragement, and teach a bit about how juxtaposition works in life, as well as in art.

Embracing Challenges

There’s a misconception that artist are somehow endowed with a birth right to do what they do. That not everyone can be successful at it, and that almost no one can make a living at it. I am probably biased given what I do but it seems to me that this attitude is a bit defeatist. Instead I offer these truths from the perspective of a living, breathing artist who makes her living with her family by practicing her creative craft and serving others daily. And I invite you to become part of our community, on-line and in person, at Gallery’s Choice!