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Episode #12: Kaleidoscopes and Kohlrabi

Gallery's Choice Kaleidoscope

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Art for Life Podcast!

Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice
Episode #12: Kaleidoscopes and Kohlrabi

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Explore the importance of measured construction in your art – no matter what your media. Your host, artist Rose Jarecki, explores the construction of a time tested novelty the kaleidoscope and how to create color magic in glass using the power of light and color!

Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode #12 of the Art for Life Podcast!

Stay and play as we take a look at a the color and allure of kaleidoscope. This episode will explore the reason for the rave of this perennial favorite stained glass specialty. We will demystify the project and show you how staying awake in math class can make a difference when you are trying to make one!

Then, we get back on track with our “veggie of the week” regime and share a new found nutritional favorite: kohlrabi! You will love the easy to work with crowd pleasing recipe this week – so make sure and stay tuned all the way to the end!

Check out our helpful links below to the healthy “veggie of the week” recipe mentioned in the show.

More about this episode:

The powerful interactive art of the kaleidoscope depends on glass!

Glass mirror to be exact.  But not just any mirror.

Regular mirror is made by coating the back side of a piece of glass with super thin coating of silver.  Light, then has to pass through the thickness of the glass before being reflected back at you!

When using regular mirror in a kaleidoscope, the images ghost as they bounce back and forth hitting the mirrors and so the visual optics get dark, fuzzy and distorted as they get further away from center.

The glass mirror required for the demands of the optics in a kaleidoscope is a front surface mirror – the same kind of mirror used in telescopes, microscopes and cameras.  This glass is super thin and is made by vacuum depositing a layer of aluminum on the surface, creating a super reflective, non-distorting surface.   This premium grade surface mirror maintains image and light integrity and delivers a much sharper and intense color “hall of mirrors” effect within the kaleidoscope tube.

For more information on how to purchase this special grade mirror for your next Kaleidoscope project, contact us at

Like a microscope or telescope, the optics in a kaleidoscope are used to enhance what we see. What we see depends on having a source of light, and optics are used to control light reflecting or bending it so that we can see in different ways. Kaleidoscopes use mirrors to reflect light into beautiful shapes and patterns.

The configuration of the image is controlled by a system of mirrors. Two mirrors create a mandala image with multiple points depending on the narrowness of the angle.

(The correct pronunciation for mandala is “muhn·da·luh”, by the way – not “man dala”!!!! A great art topic for another day!)

A straight three mirror system creates a broad field image that spreads out appearing to be reflected infinitely on all side. The three mirrors can be set as an equilateral triangle or other angles to create a variety of images. A tapered three mirror system creates an image that looks like a faceted ball floating in space.

Example of a tapered three mirror system.

Wheels, wands, trays, bubbles, candles and many object, like glass marbles have been used by artists to create unique kaleidoscope images. Chambers holding colorful objects or media can be dry or wet (oil filled). Wet chambers allow the continuing motion to continually change the view without the viewers intervention. Dry chambers allow the image to shift quickly, but need viewer interactivity to change the scene! (Our beautiful blue kaleidoscope made at Gallery’s Choice by one of our students featured here has a dry chamber filled with blue and green crystals and features an outer body made of decorative stained glass.)

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Episode #12: Kaleidoscopes and Kohlrabi

A stained glass gift project worthy of any hobbyist!

This is the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice, and I am your host, Rose Jarecki. Gallery’s Choice’s Art for Life Podcast series. Meant to explore the creative side of life by sharing tips techniques, inspirations and recipes with the goal of living well.  Whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, a regular Jane or Joe, with some time to kill, I promise there is something in here for all of you. We will talk about our business and how to be a great career creative. We will get you started if you never, or you never knew you could. And we will share anything we discover on the topics of being healthy, happy and wise…

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This episode was sponsored by Gallery’s Choice. Gallery’s Choice is a family-friendly art and gift gallery with a hands on art focus. Featuring the stained glass art of Rose and Bill Jarecki, the art gallery is home to more than 75 local area artists in a variety of media. In it’s 16th year of operation in the Downers Grove, IL area, the gallery teaches classes for young and old at all skill levels in glass art, including stained glass, fused glass, mosaics; fine art, drawing, painting (watercolor, oils and acrylics), and jewelry including metalsmithing, silver clay, and enameling. For a full line up of current classes, check out (Please note: Due to the current Covid crisis, our in-person learning has been put on hold. Please stay safe and be well as we take a Pause for the Cause.) Please stay tuned to our web site for important updates regarding when and how our community learning will resume.

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    Wonderful!! Sort of like virtual reality only with stained glass. Always appreciate your creativity!
    Lyndi Hofstra

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