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Student Achievement

Elise was awarded a $10,000 fine arts scholarship to Augustana based on her art portfolio, which was “…based almost entirely on pieces that she did over the years at Gallery’s Choice”!

We love hearing about the success of our students – and this recent email letting us know about Elise’s achievement really made our day!!!

As a teacher, I love seeing my students develop and it gives me special pleasure when these individuals take off on their own creative path. As an artist, I share the thrill of her recognition, and I know the dedication required to gain it!

Rose Jarecki /Artist Owner
Gallery’s Choice

All our congratulations!

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Elise as she pursues her dreams!

Our oil painting program at Gallery’s Choice spans skill levels from true never before beginner, to intermediate, to advanced techniques. Elise started with us in 2015, as part of our After School Friday Art Club, and took a shining to oil painting media.

From her first formal oil painting class, Beginning Oil Painting, with us in August of 2015, to 2020 Elise has always been a thoughtful and prolific painter. Her dedication to the media spanned the gamut of topics, from simply sweet, to a series of Harry Potter imagery created for her siblings, to extremely detailed underwater worlds. Never afraid to experiment, she practiced and refined her technique through a never ending series of fearless expressions in a manner that had many of her adult painting class counterparts in awe!

As of late, Elise demonstrated a great attention to detail. She refined her ability to create depth and focus through lighting and atmospheric distortion, and began to come into her own as an artist through adventurous and surreal original imagery. (Bird’s Eye View) That migration, from imitating the images of others, painting from photographic reference, to using mastered techniques to create and execute what exists only in ones mind, is a necessary progression for any artist. From practice to mastery to application of techniques to create unique and one-of-a-kind work!

You can see more of her works by following her on Instagram @artsyelliephant

From 2015 – early works below! So proud to say “I knew her when!”

Inspiration for all young aspiring artists – wherever you start: success is achievable! Just Start! Follow your passion and practice!

Elise 2020 – Bird’s Eye View
and a $10,000 fine arts scholarship!

Under normal circumstances, of course, we would celebrate Elise’s success in community within the gallery – and while that is not possible at this time – we hope you will help us celebrate her achievement here – on our blog! Leave us a comment as I am sure Elise will appreciate the support from her Gallery’s Choice community!


  1. Silvia Dei Rossi says

    Congratulations Elise! Wish you all the best. Stay strong and continue to dream.

  2. Nancy Frost says

    Congratulations Elise! You have been mentored by the best at Gallery’s Choice! Keep up the good work. Your future looks bright and colorful🌈!
    Nancy Frost

  3. Lyndi Sue Hofstra says

    Such Wonderful News!!!! And gifted young artist whose prowess was guided at Galleries Choice!

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