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Beveled Room Divider

Beveled Stained Glass Room Divider

Beveled glass is a classic and works with so many decor styles. This project offered additional functionality as a room divider, replacing existing solid shutters, providing privacy while letting natural light into the hallway!

Beveled Stained Glass Window ready to install
Beveled Stained Glass Window ready to install

The project called for complex bevel cluster to act as the center cameo. When using bevel clusters, it’s best to have it in house before attempting any design drawing. Each piece is different and varies across the work, even when they are “machine-made”, so to size the background pieces correctly – you really have to trace the actual glass pieces, and not trust a drawing.

Beveled Glass layed out on board
Having bevels in house before you start to design ensures accuracy.

To accent the gorgeous bevel set that was chosen, we used pencil bevels as an inside boarder. “Pencil” bevels are just 1″ wide by either 3″, 4″, 5″, etc., long bevels. Leaving some “background” glass to the edge allows the bevels to really capture the light and bounce prisms around the room, as it’s facets are not stuck going into the framing.

Beyond the shutters, an opening give way to a gallery wall of family memories, and Bill!

Then there is the play of texture! And why not! All clear glass just begs for a play of textures, and by punching the “feel” of the glass, you not only achieve greater dimension, but sparkle as well. And you never miss not having color!

This classy monochromatic look will stand the test of ages, and plays nicely with the different lighting of the two spaces: the warm light of the hall way and landing with it’s grand chandelier vs. the cool grey blue and white of the bedroom dressing area upstairs.

Rosette detail on Beveled Room Divider
Rosette Detail on Beveled Room Divider Installation

In the images you can see the attention to detail as Bill installs the rosettes to match the wood work as stops for the glass. They are decorative and tie the details of the room together while serving to hold the glass in place. A custom wood frame cut to exacting measurements (so the piece wouldn’t fall out the other side of course!) and painted with an exact match to the painted trim of the room.

Before Beveled Room Divider ImageAfter Photo of Beveled Room Divider installed
There’s no comparison! The Before and After photos say it all. Custom stained glass was the perfect solution – adding light and beauty while providing privacy between two interior spaces of the home!

Such an exciting transformation and a wonderful example of how stained glass has both functionality and beauty for today’s home!

Beveled Stained Glass Room Divider


  1. Lyndi Sue Hofstra says

    It never ceases to amaze me that you can cut glass into curves like you did on this beautiful room divider! It’s more than stunning what a work of art and master construction!

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