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Episode #14: Light and Leeks

Original art by Rose Jarecki Sunset Boat in Acrylic
Art for Life Podcast by Gallery's Choice

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Episode #14: Light and Leeks of the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice

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This episode breaks through the darkness and brings us into the light as we de-mystify the use of specific techniques.

Forward Light
Light Dawns in the Darkness
Do not be Afraid

Psalm 112

Explore the strategic use of light in art, as it is used by the masters across the ages and across different media. Challenge yourself to not only observe how light is used, but to plan your light strategy in the artwork you produce.

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Show Notes:

Welcome to Episode #14 of the Art for Life Podcast

Expand your understanding of light and how it is used by artists to create not only imagery, but mood and emotion. By grasping how masters have applied light techniques, you can improve your work – should you be an artist or artist wanna-be. Or elevate your enjoyment and appreciation for how those special pieces of art you love in your life came to be!

Stay tuned to the end and discover a tasty, vegetarian-friendly, healthy recipe using one of my new healthy favorites: Leeks!

Visual Aids:

The topic of light is so vital to the work of art, it is amazing to witness the scope of what can be achieved just by playing with tonal differences of light and dark colors. Below are some rather awesome examples of works using light in the most dramatic ways.

Op art by Julian Stanczak
The optical illusions created by Julian Stanczak’s paintings made him a leader in Op Art
Studying tonal value in Op art of Julian Stanczak
Subtle gradations in color values create the sense of light illuminating from the art work.
Caravaggio pic
A single light source creates high contrast and generates strong emotions related to the massive figures in Caravaggio’s work.
Claude Monet impressionism
Monet’s impressionistic style and soft lighting creates a sense of whimsy as he uses light to blur the difference between reality and fantasy.

I am sure you can find other such examples. If you have access to a museum, gallery, local art fair, or The Art Institute in Chicago, I hope you will take some time to not only casually observe – but savor the effects of artists such as the ones I’ve cited and enjoy their works more fully!

And, should you be an artist (in whatever media), this podcast should arm you with not only a better appreciation for what others have done, but also some techniques to try in your own masterpieces!

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Culinary Arts:

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As promised – recipe with video on how to clean and prep our veggie of the week – Leeks!


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