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Sharing Social

The art of self promotion has certainly become a thing in this post pandemic era! And one most artists and small businesses will certainly be struggling with now and for some time in the future. But taming the beast is imperative to remaining relevant in the new economy. So, as scary and unfriendly as this learning curve may seem: “we boldly go where no one’s gone before”. Well, sort of!

Stained glass from Gallery's Choice, a typical product needing some social love to get discovered!

Here’s to Reels, on-line video, and a commitment to improve the quality of content as I learn. Glad you’re out there and hope you enjoy this journey!

Please follow us as you explore the links to our future at Gallery’s Choice!

When you share a post, story or reel with someone you might think would like to see it, you help us grow. When you comment and send your positive love our way with engagement, you help us grow! We can’t do this alone – YOU MATTER! It’s a social thing!

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  1. Lyndi Sue Hofstra says

    Sure! Happy to check Reels with you:)

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