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Feathered Friends

Today we bid fond farewell to a custom stained glass project that completes an entryway and beautifies the setting. The arch joins two sidelight panels previously provided, and warmly finishes the look.

Gallery's Choice Stained Glass arch and transoms
Bill replaces the festive wreath after one of the easiest installations in our history!

Designing the art glass was done in two phases. First, the sidelights were created with glass selection and themes based on the interior room colors and customer preferences.

A highly textured clear was used to create the desired functional privacy, while the blue and grey motif fit with the neutral grey interior. These colors were the perfect offset for the birds, which added just the right pop of color.

Kokomo Textured Clear

This Kokomo Tight Ripple texture is one of my perennial favorites for creating privacy while maintaining the luminosity of the work. And, this glass is manufactured in the Midwest – Kokomo Indiana, USA!

Once the sidelights were in place, the customer requested the arch be designed to complete the ensemble! The design challenge here was to match and complement the glass art already installed and make things look like all three windows were fabricated at the same time!

To accomplish this, the boarders were brought up and over, traveling along the same contours of the arch. By referencing the dimensions of the sidelights’ drawing, we were able to give the arch a clean transition and connection to the side panels. Keeping the glass selection the same throughout was key in establishing continuity.

The special selection of birds added sentimental value, as they stand in remembrance of an avid bird watcher from their family.

It’s the unique little touches in a custom stained glass project that make the work most gratifying. Knowing the piece I deliver has special meaning and value for the customer makes the time spent worth it.

Rose Jarecki, artist

Have an idea for a stained glass project for your home? Contact us and we’ll be glad to get started with a custom stained glass design to meet your unique needs and decor!


  1. Lovely. The different variety of birds that are all native to the Midwest, makes this work of art so personal. As an avid bird-watcher, I can appreciate the natural setting you placed them in, to surround the door. I bet you will be inspiring more home owners to think about Gallery’s Choice to create something special for them. Rose, you outdid yourself!

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