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Awe Inspiring Stained Glass

Stained Glass Greek Lady

At the gallery, our classes inspire creative thinking beyond the everyday. And our recent students’ accomplishments are really something to be proud of!

In a previous post, we highlighted the use of software to aid in the design of a complicated image for one of our patrons. With a few tweaks and considerations by our expert stained glass fabricators (ahem, “Mr. Bill” and myself), we helped nail the design – to a point. This was where the high tech design required more tech on the fabrication side to make the engineering of glass and solder work! One days training on using a Taurus 3 Ring saw, (one of my favorite tools) and our student was good to go!

Congratulations Mandy!

Joking aside, just a beautiful piece of work that was executed expertly through superb glass selection and tremendous attention to detail! A piece that will be an heirloom! Mr. Bill and I are so proud!!!!

Feeling inspired? Sign up for our Stained Glass classes! Check them out here.

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