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Technology for the Artist

Design inspiration for stained glass can come from anywhere. The challenge can be how we commit the inspiration to tangible, workable, projects. Recently, we were introduced to Adobe Sketch as a design tool for stained glass.

Color and line art enabled by Adobe help design!

While the program does not account for the necessary break lines required by the glass media, it does a great job of committing photo images to color blocked line art. This representation can then be reviewed by an experienced stained glass artisan and refined and simplified. Avoiding impossible cuts and limiting reliance on special wet saws, the designer can work the pattern forward for dramatic and unique pattern results!

Would you believe this is her second project?

We work with students to try the challenging and enjoy the journey of creativity. New technology is a part of today’s artists’ world and using these tools can enhance this process.

Do you have a technology tool that has helped you creatively? Let us know!

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