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Strawberry-Rhubarb Farmers’ Market Pie

One of the benefits of selling at the local farmer’s markets is being so close to the freshest locally grown fruits and veggies! And you already know, if you have read my blog before, that I love to experiment with new recipes and produce I never tried before. This year I am SO excited by the super fresh offerings of our Glencoe Farmer’s Market neighbor, Barry’s Berries. Fresh rhubarb is a plant I know from my childhood. The ruby stems and huge heart shaped leaves so broad and green they could hide a small 4-year old child (like me) underneath. Cooking with rhubarb is something I have never done. Too scared off by the warnings about the “poisonous” leaves of the plant, I was not sure what parts to use safely – it always put me on edge. But at the farmer’s market, the grower had the leaves removed, and all I had to worry about was cleaning and chopping for my recipe! So – this year – and for the very first time – …

Leeks Potatoes and Lavender

Potato Leek Soup

Vegetarian friendly and heart healthy this hearty soup makes the meal! Discover Leeks and learn how to elevate a simple week-night meal to fine-dining. Made with GC Lavender’s pantry essential Gourmet Triple Salt and Lemon Pepper seasonings. Courtesy of the Art for Life podcast from Gallery’s Choice.

Humble Hummus

Hummus with tahini made fresh at home is a flavorful healthy way to add plant-based protein into your diet. And, as you substitute this mouth pleasing side for other more cholesterol heavy foods (mayo and cheese) you can trim down your meals! This is why Humble Hummus makes it into this weeks Art for Life recipes!