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Episode #7: Grisaille and Garbanzos

Welcome to this week’s “Lucky 7” Art for Life Podcast!

Art for life podcast by Gallery’s Choice
Episode #7: Grisaille and Garbanzos

Welcome to episode #7 of the Art for Life Podcast! Check out our show notes below for helpful links to the recipes mentioned in the show.

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Take your painting skills to the next level by exploring the techniques of Renaissance Masters. Your host, artist Rose Jarecki, outlines one of the most remarkable painting techniques, known as Grisaille, and takes you step by step through the process of an oil painting.

Show Notes:

Episode #7: Grisaille and Garbanzos

This is the Art for Life Podcast by Gallery’s Choice, and I am your host, Rose Jarecki. Gallery’s Choice’s Art for Life Podcast series. Meant to explore the creative side of life by sharing tips techniques, inspirations and recipes with the goal of living well.  Whether you are an artist, an artist wanna be, a regular Jane or Joe Doe, with some time to kill, I promise there is something in here for all of you. We will talk about our business and how to be a great career creative. We will get you started if you never, or you never knew you could. And we will share anything we discover on the topics of being healthy, happy and wise…

I love teaching the old masters technique relating to grisaille.  I find it empowering for students working in oil, or in glass, to really refine their thinking regarding light, shading and color.  It also refines drawing skills which, in my book, always need practice!

That said, it is a process, so don’t be intimidated!  Once we break it down, you will get the idea and then through practice, you will make it your own!  You got this!

To start a Grisaille underpainting, you will need:

A subject – and some great composition. (Stay tuned to future episodes for help on creating the optimal composition for your paintings.)

 A wooden panel or canvas support,

Acrylic gesso

An acrylic gesso brush

Oil paint colors:

  • Titanium White
  • Burnt Umber
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Raw Sienna

(I do not paint with Black – as it is the absence of color and light, and prefer to mix my black from Burnt Umber and Ultramarine Blue)

In addition, future sessions you will need colors as needed to glaze your subject – transparent preferred: like Alzirium Crimson, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Veridian Green, etc.

The Old Master’s Trinity:

  1. Linseed Oil (artist grade, thin)
  2. Damar Varnish
  3. Turpentine

Webers Turpenoid Natural (an AP non-toxic go to cleaner for oil paint brushes)

A selection of oil painting brushes, including:

Soft mop, or round blender brush

Flat hogs-hair brushes, small and medium

Round soft, squirrel or mongoose-hair brush

Thin round for highlights and fine lines

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Grisaille Painting Still Life
Grisaille Painting Still Life
The Verdaccio grey scale visual reference
Verdaccio green-grey scale

Closeup of Apples Grisaille in Process

Grisaille technique was used in 15th century stained glass and enameling, and the use of glass stainers’ paints and vitreous enamels are used to this day by contemporary glass artists.

15th Century Stained Glass Grisaille Enamel: Magi Herod from Wikipedia Commons
15th Century Stained Glass Grisaille Enamel: Magi Herod from Wikipedia Commons
Student Artist Jeff Hein working on Grisaille commission “Old Town”

Jeff’s subject lending itself to Grisaille work, bringing definition and lighting to dramatic focus.

Culinary Arts:

If you joined us for our first episode you already know that Bill and I are committed to the goal of increasing our “food literacy” by researching and sharing our new found understanding of eating fresh foods. So each week this season, we will be sharing what we discover about one fruit or vegetable that we never tried before and share our discoveries with you. Hope you enjoy this culinary artist side of us and get inspired to eat healthy and enjoy fresh flavors!


Veggie of the Week: Garbanzos (AKA Chick Peas)

Humble Hummus

with freshly-made Tahini

Enjoy the quick and tasty way to add plant-based protein in to your diet!

GC Lavender Herbs de Provence

GC Lavender Herbs de Provence


This episode was sponsored by Gallery’s Choice. Gallery’s Choice is a family-friendly art and gift gallery with a hands on art focus. Featuring the stained glass art of Rose and Bill Jarecki, the art gallery is home to more than 75 local area artists in a variety of media. In it’s 16th year of operation in the Downers Grove, IL area, the gallery teaches classes for young and old at all skill levels in glass art, including stained glass, fused glass, mosaics; fine art, drawing, painting (watercolor, oils and acrylics), and jewelry including metalsmithing, silver clay, and enameling. For a full line up of current classes, check out

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  1. Lyndi Sue Hofstra says

    Art work in acrillic and on wood! Jeff’s work always fantastic! Also enjoyed food segment on hummus 💕 Lyndi

  2. Jeff Hein says

    Love the different techniques in oil paintings, this Grisaille is a lot fun. I could see myself doing more of this technique. Makes me study my subject closely.
    Love the recipes! Especially when your trying to eat healthy. Really great ideas!

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