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Angels Among Us

Stained glass can enhance a room and add ambience. We knew that. But seeing it in action – as completed projects are installed in their forever homes – takes this to a new level of realization.

Nancy has been working with us for several months now, with a mission to enhance their living space and create a bit of privacy while still letting light into their room. Her colors, specially chosen to complement the existing decor, were warm and strong. Her design – classy and regal.

At Gallery’s Choice, we work with students at all levels – from the newest beginner to more accomplished, to help make their vision a reality. I always say I live vicariously through our students works. I definitely could see myself relaxing in this room, with a cup of tea….

But I digress!

Nancy did a fabulous job on these three panels – and just wanted to share her great works with you all!

Set of two side panels.
Imagine yourself in this space!


  1. Nancy Frost says

    Wow! It is an Honor to have my stained glass featured on your blog! It is also an honor to be part of the Gallery’s Choice “family” of students and artists who encourage each other and work diligently to create many other beautiful visions of their own!

    Completing all 3 of my windows (the angel and two side panels) has been a very satisfying and rewarding experience for me. I am thoroughly enjoying them each and every day (and night). Their changing hues of color are radiant, warm, welcoming, and calming in my home. I do, in fact, spend every morning sitting by them, in what we now call our “Angel room,” sipping coffee (or GC Lavender tea:), saying my daily prayers, talking with my husband, discussing or planning our day, or generally reflecting on life – all while feeling the spirit of Angels around me!

    This calming, spiritual, ambience was all part of my original vision for my windows. And my vision has become a most precious reality in my home!

    I could not have completed these 3 windows, tho, without the support, patience, knowledge, expertise, and guidance I received from Miss Rose and Mr. Bill! I thank them, again, for truly being the “Angels” who helped me every step of the way!

    I encourage everyone to start, and/or continue, to make all of your OWN creative visions into realities alongside Miss Rose and Mr. Bill at Gallery’s Choice. They are truly the “Angels Among Us” that will help you make that happen!

  2. anonymous says

    Nancy, your pieces turned out lovely, and they look exquisite in your home. I have enjoyed watching you work on them and now seeing them as completed pieces. Congratulations on completing this project!

    • Nancy Frost says

      Thank you so much “Anonymous!”
      I love how being a Gallery’s Choice student or artist gives us the environment and opportunity to observe, support, inspire, and learn from each other, all while working on our own projects!

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