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Stained Glass My Way!

This season the gallery has been bustling with new stained glass students and with all the most recent success stories, I needed to take a minute to share some visuals with all of you. I like to say I live vicariously through the work of others. I also say ‘I never met a piece of stained glass I didn’t like!’ So true. I am sure you will see why!

Congratulations all on accomplishing some great projects!

Always wanted to try stained glass? Now’s the time! Join us for class!


  1. Lyndi Sue Hofstra says

    The creativity derailed art of the stained glass projects is stunning! I could not pick a favorite

    • I know, right? I am amazed at the ideas people bring with them, and often jealous I didn’t think of it myself! I love seeing our students’ faces when they hold their finished project up into the light for the first time.

  2. Nancy Frost says

    Working on stained glass projects at Gallery’s Choice has become such an enjoyable and satisfying experience for me! Not only have I
    re-sparked my own creativity, but I get to watch, and learn, and work alongside other people working on their amazing projects too. Students and artists of all ages and experience levels work, support, and encourage each other to create beautiful and challenging pieces – all in a very relaxed congenial setting. Both Mr. Bill and Miss Rose provide their ongoing professional and expert advice, guidance, suggestions, patience, and problem solving to all students and artists at any step along the way!
    I LOVE creating stained glass projects at GALLERY’S CHOICE!!
    Thank You Mr. Bill and Miss Rose!

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