For the Love of Salad

A colorful palette of fresh flavors and textures can make a modest salad a delight!

I hear so many people say they hate salads. Quite frankly, I don’t understand. With so many options for ingredients, with such a broad and colorful palette to choose from, how can someone make such a blanket statement? Even the pickiest of eaters should be able to find some combination of modest vegetables to enjoy!

Gourmet chefs know we eat with our eyes. Given that fact one suggestion for those who, like me, want to eat healthy and live well, would be to take care to incorporate a variety of colors and textures. When I prepare a salad for lunch or dinner (it’s almost always on the run to take with to eat at my desk at work or on the go) I can’t wait to eat it!

My second tip is simply use fresh produce! Now I know – in the middle of winter, garden fresh local is not a pure reality! But, even I can see when the lettuce I bought last week is looking like compost fodder.

If you are any sort of adventurous, try growing some micro greens on a sunny windowsill! Check out this website for more info:

Growing under new LED Grow lights

A sunny window can foster these nutrient rich salad toppers!

You will be amazed by the pop of flavor those little guys deliver!

Other ideas: try zesting a lemon on top for a burst of sunshine freshness.

Just a reminder:
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Whatever you do, artistically designed salads you make yourself can help you achieve your goals for healthier lifestyle. So go ahead – be creative!