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Order Your Custom Stained Glass

With Gallery's Choice, creating a personalized stained glass solution for your home is easy!
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Share your idea for a project
and let us assist you in developing
a masterfully designed stained glass solution.

Step 1

Contact us via email or by phone to discuss your dream project.  Be prepared to share measurements of the space, the issue you may be trying to address with the project, along with any pictures that might inspire you. 

You might be trying to prevent neighbors from looking into a bathroom, for instance, but want maximum light in the room.  And you prefer blues and greens, but are not a fan of floral or landscapes.  By sharing your project preferences and requirements, we can begin to work with you on a collaborative design that will result in the perfect art glass!

Personalized imagery

Step 2

Once we have the sizes and project requirements, we design it for you!  As an artist for over twenty years, each work starts with a hand drawn original.  This artwork is presented for review and approval.  We have always enjoyed collaborating with customers and find this provides the ultimate control for our customers.  After the drawing is completed, a palette of recommended glass options is presented  and allows customers to influence the final outcome.

Step 3

Approve the design! Once you are happy with the design plan and place the required deposit amount, we’ll get started hand crafting your masterpiece! We work with customers to accommodate budgets and time frames whenever possible.  Each piece is hand cut, ground and fit as we fabricate your custom work to your specifications.

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